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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about flooring that we receive. If you have a question that is not here, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 508.393.2659. We are always available to answer your questions. 


Q. What is twist? 


A: Twist is the number of turns put in the carpet figer or yarn. Almost all carpets have twisted yarns. As a general rule, the more twist or turns on a fiber, the better performance you can expect. Yarns that are twisted tighter have a diffrent "feel" than those that are less tight. 


Q. IF I know the weight or other technical specifications, can I compare products? 


A: Using technical specifications of a product can give you a guide, but there are many other factors that can alter the comparison. For example, two carpets made to the same specifications but made with different fibers will perform and look differently in the same environment. 


Q. If I bend the carpets and see the backing does this mean the carpet is low quality? 


A: No. All carpets, except woven carpets are made with spaces between the tufts (ends). Remember, except for stairs, carpet is flat on the floor. You can feel the thickness or density of diffrent carpets by sticking your fingers in the pile, but do it ona flat surface. As a general rule, thicker, tighter, denser carpets perform better. 


Q. Can I save money by buying a less expensive carpet and putting the best cushion under it? 


A: There is no question that a good cusion is critical to caret performance, but remember that you walk directly on the carpet so you want carpet consructed to meet your needs and lifestyle. If you buy a cheaper carpet that doesn't meet your needs, you'll have a cusion that feels great but you may not be satisfied with the look or wear of your carpet.

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